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Standard booth: 9m2 (3m X3M): 6000 yuan / booth (including: 9m2 exhibition space, 2.5m high wall plate, a Chinese and English lintel (the full English name needs to be provided by the enterprise), a negotiation table, two chairs and a 220V power socket; Special booth (excluding standard facilities, distribution box, special installation management fee, etc.) free service:
A. Publish a brief introduction in Chinese with less than 300 words in the Journal (please be sure to provide the electronic version in word format or e-mail. The handwritten manuscript will not be accepted. The deadline is September 30, 2021. If it is overdue, it will be deemed to give up publishing automatically);
B. Provide admission tickets and invitation cards for exhibitors to invite customers;
C. Regular cleaning and 24-hour venue security;
D. The organizer can provide free accommodation for foreign guests invited by exhibitors for three days during the exhibition. Please register before September 25, 2021, with a total limit of 20 foreign businessmen.
Note: please fax the company profile and lintel text to the organizer or send it to this email 362697940@qq.com Advertising subscription
1. Journal advertisement:
The exhibition will print a professional journal, which will be edited into a systematic complete collection of enterprises and distributed to all visitors, users, industry people and supply and marketing elites. The advertising charging standard is as follows:
-------The back cover 15000 yuan, the second cover 10000 yuan, the third cover 8000 yuan, the interior color 2000 yuan, the interior color home page 7500 yuan, the interior color end 7000 yuan-------
payment method
A. After the booth application is approved and the booth location is arranged, the exhibitor will receive the exhibition contract from the organizer. If the exhibitor has any objection to the contents of the contract, please immediately make a written statement, sign the exhibition contract, and mail or fax it to the organizer. If it is overdue, it will not be accepted.
B. The exhibitor shall pay 50% of the fee as the deposit within 7 days from the date of signing the contract. The balance must be paid 30 days before the opening of the exhibition.
C. The units that register within 30 days before the opening shall pay all expenses at one time, and fax the payment voucher to the financial department of the organizer after payment.
D. After confirming the booth, the exhibitor shall submit the enterprise profile, application for special electricity and water, exhibit transportation, booth design and construction, article rental, on-site advertising and other relevant information to the organizer before the deadline (September 30, 2021). Designated collection account
Account Name: Wenzhou Jinying Media Co., Ltd
Account No.: 1203 2852 2920 0119 408
Bank of deposit: ICBC Yongjia County sub branch
Please fax the receipt to 0577-67355861 after remittance
Services provided by the organizer
The booth fee includes the following services:
A. Brief information of exhibitors will be published in the exhibition journal, and one journal will be distributed to each exhibitor;
B. Exhibitors distribute tickets and invitations to customers;
C. 24-hour security work at the entrance and exit of the exhibition hall and around the exhibition hall from construction to withdrawal.
D. On site service personnel shall provide possible assistance to exhibitors at any time to solve the difficulties that exhibitors may encounter during the exhibition.

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