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First of all, I would like to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to your company for actively participating in this exhibition! In order to provide timely, thoughtful and satisfactory services to all exhibitors and ensure the complete success of the exhibition in good order, this manual is hereby compiled for the reference and compliance of all exhibitors. Please read this manual carefully to get familiar with the exhibition procedures and do the relevant work in advance. All exhibitors should carefully fill in the relevant forms according to their actual needs, and fax, email or mail the relevant forms to the organizer within the specified deadline. Once sealed and signed by the exhibitors, all forms have the same binding force as the contract. If there is any service information not included in this guide, please contact us in time, We will try our best to provide you with satisfactory service. During the exhibition, please contact the exhibition team directly. I wish your company a complete success in this exhibition( If you have any objection to the following terms, please contact the Organizing Committee and explain the reasons. Otherwise, it will be deemed that the exhibitors have read and accepted the terms in this manual. The exhibition organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.
Certificate collection; Each exhibitor shall designate a special person to receive the required certificates when reporting for duty. The following information shall be provided during check-in:
a. Copy of exhibition contract;
b. Copy of booth fee remittance receipt;
c. Photocopy of exhibitor's business license.
Contact: Miss Hu 1358892050
Place to apply for certificate: exhibitor registration office in the square outside Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center (Note: exhibitors must pay all exhibition fees before obtaining the certificate.)
Ticket management
1. During the exhibition, all tickets shall be uniformly produced, distributed, archived and managed by the finance department, and a strict registration system shall be implemented. The holder shall abide by the "instructions for use" of the certificate.
2. The certificate shall not be lent (let) or replaced by an impostor. All illegal certificates found shall be confiscated, and those with serious circumstances shall be dealt with seriously.
3. During the exhibition, all exhibitors and enterprise vehicles shall obey the statistical command of the security personnel of the exhibition. In case of special circumstances, the security personnel of the conference may restrict relevant personnel and vehicles from entering the exhibition venue.
Booth layout
1. If exhibitors need to add items other than the standard configuration, they should remit the order receipt and the resulting funds to Wenzhou Golden Eagle Media Co., Ltd. 10 days before entering the museum. On site rental will be subject to 30% expedited fee.
2. If exhibitors need to scan trademarks or computer typesetting, photo spray painting, banner production, booth modification, special decoration, etc., they must contact the organizer in advance and provide corresponding materials.
Booth allocation
1. Those who register first and pay first will be given priority to arrange booths.
2. After receiving the exhibition contract filled in by the applicant, the organizer will temporarily retain the booth reserved by the applicant.
3. If the applicant fails to pay the relevant payment within the time limit specified by the organizer, the booth will not be retained (the applicant shall pay 50% of the fee as the deposit within 7 days from the date of application, and the balance must be paid off 30 days before the opening of the exhibition. The applicant shall pay all the fees 30 days before the opening, and fax the payment voucher to the financial department of the organizer after payment).
4. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the conference, the organizer may appropriately adjust the booth arrangement according to the needs of the conference, and the exhibitors shall not object.
Use safety
1. If the organizer believes that any exhibits or promotional materials are dangerous, illegal, immoral, indecent and do not meet the exhibition standards, it has the right to withdraw the exhibits from the exhibition hall, and all expenses shall be borne by the exhibitor.
2. The exhibitor guarantees that the exhibits, packaging and related publicity materials do not infringe the rights and interests of any third party, including registered or unregistered trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs and names, and promises to compensate the infringed unit for the losses caused by the infringement.
3. The arrangement of booths must be completed within the time specified by the organizer. If it is necessary to work overtime because it cannot be completed within the specified time, the expenses arising therefrom shall be paid by the exhibitor.
4. During the exhibition period, in order to ensure the safety of the exhibits, all exhibits are only allowed to move into the exhibition hall, and it is strictly prohibited to leave the exhibition hall.
5. Before the official end of the exhibition, exhibitors shall not remove any exhibits unless they have been granted a written permission by the organizer. Repairing or changing exhibits shall be carried out after the public leaves the site under the approval and supervision of the organizer.
6. The location, volume and light-emitting equipment of all audio-visual equipment shall not cause inconvenience to other exhibitors and visitors.
7. The representative of the exhibitor must receive the exhibitor's certificate at the time of check-in, and wear the certificate when entering the exhibition hall and in the exhibition hall. The organizer has the right to refuse the representative without certificate to enter the exhibition hall. If the certificate is lost, it must be reported to the undertaker for replacement. After the exhibition, the certificate shall be returned to the undertaker.
8. In case of fire or other losses in the exhibition hall due to the fault of the exhibitor's exhibition agent or agent, the organizer will investigate its responsibility and claim compensation for the losses. matters needing attention
1. All exhibitors who play movies, videos or slides during the exhibition must be strictly examined in advance. No unit shall play content inconsistent with the exhibition scope of the exhibition, and shall not affect the audience or other exhibitors (such as sound, light, electricity, etc.).
2. Exhibitors shall not withdraw from the exhibition in advance during the exhibition period, otherwise the organizer has the right to severely punish them.
3. If the exhibitor fails to pay the relevant fees, the organizer has the right to refuse him to enter the museum or detain his exhibits, and the exhibitor shall not object.
4. The booth in the exhibition is rented to the exhibitor itself and cannot be transferred or shared with a third party.
5. The exhibition space is rented to exhibitors for business promotion during the exhibition period. The way in which exhibitors use the booth space during the booth layout and exhibition period must meet the requirements of the organizer, otherwise the organizer has the right to clean up the exhibitor's booth, and the necessary expenses shall be paid by the exhibitor. Unless otherwise specified in the exhibition rules, any exhibitor shall not ask for the refund of the rent and other expenses paid.
Prohibited items
1. It is strictly prohibited to distribute the exhibition publicity materials and relevant directory materials of non organizer in the booth. Once found, the organizer shall immediately cancel its qualification to participate in the exhibition, investigate the responsibilities of relevant personnel, and claim compensation for losses.
2. All exhibits must comply with Chinese laws. Fake, shoddy and illegal products are strictly prohibited from being displayed in the exhibition.
3. It is strictly prohibited for any unit to distribute group friendship materials and materials of non exhibitors. The organizer has the right to confiscate or cancel the qualification of exhibitors.
4. It is strictly prohibited to conduct any advertising demonstration or other promotional activities or post advertisements in public places.
5. It is strictly prohibited to distribute materials in public places, otherwise the undertaking unit has the right to confiscate them.
6. Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from disclosing business confidential information provided by the organizer.
Move out arrangement
1. At 14:30 p.m. on February 10, the exhibition team of the organizing committee will uniformly arrange the removal.
2. Vehicles transporting exhibits can enter the exhibition area only at 15:30 p.m. and must obey the corresponding traffic management regulations. The driver shall not leave the vehicle. It is strictly prohibited to stop or block the traffic. Violators shall be punished according to the regulations.
3. All exhibitors shall take good care of their belongings to prevent loss. Those who take other people's articles privately shall be strictly handled by the security team.
4. Take good care of the exhibition facilities, do not carry them away or damage them. Violators shall compensate according to the price and be investigated for legal responsibility.
5. All publicity materials hung and posted in the booth shall be removed and cleaned by the unit itself.
6. In principle, all display samples shall be removed from the exhibition area. If it is necessary to store or handle consignment temporarily, please contact the exhibition affairs group one day in advance to rent the warehouse or handle the consignment formalities.
7. All exhibits must be evacuated at the end of the exhibition in accordance with the specified procedures and time limit. If exhibitors fail to leave the exhibition area on time, the organizer has the right to dispose of the exhibits.
The responsibility of the organizing committee is limited. The exhibition hall providers, exhibition decoration engineering companies, exhibition transportation agencies and conference service companies that provide services for the exhibition are independent. Due to their relevant responsibilities, it is unfavorable to the exhibitors. The exhibition team will assist the exhibitors in handling, but will not bear the liability for compensation.
Termination of exhibition rights
1. If an exhibitor violates the exhibition rules, the organizer has the right to terminate its right to exhibition.
2. In case of disputes between exhibitors and other units during the exhibition period, which affect other exhibitors, the organizer has the right to terminate the exhibition.
Change or cancel the exhibition
1. In case of force majeure, such as war, embargo, lawsuit, earthquake, bad weather, forced closure or collapse of the exhibition hall, administrative order of the government, the organizer has the right to cancel the exhibition, reduce the specifications, shorten the time and change the form without any responsibility to the exhibitors. The exhibitors shall not require the organizer to compensate for any losses. 2. Under special circumstances, the organizer reserves the right to change the time and place of the exhibition.
3. If the exhibition is cancelled due to the organizer, all the expenses paid by the exhibitors will be returned, and no compensation will be made to the exhibitors.


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